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Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal Service

Viruses, spyware & malware have become more and more rampant and aggressive along with the rapid development of technology. They are complicated and powerful enough to ruin devices with all kinds of operating systems. Some viruses are able to take your device hostage and display fake warnings for a large sum of money as ransom. Some spyware open backdoor for remote hackers after they are installed on your devices. Thus, the remote hackers can access your device and steal your precious information for illegal profit. Some malware have the ability to block your security program and install as much threat as possible to ruin your device. More and more people become victims of viruses, spyware & malware and lose much money for that. To help people get rid of the virus, spyware or malware, OnlineFix.Tech online service was built. If you are one of the victims, welcome to contact us for help. Skillful and professional professionals will work together to help you remove viruses, spyware & malware safely and completely.

Computer Tune-up, Speed Up & Optimization Service

In the modern society, the computer plays a very important role in people°Øs daily lives and works. It can do all kinds of things for people which improve working efficiency very well and save much precious time. However, you may notice that computer does not work as well as it did in the beginning as time goes by. The longer you use the computer, the slower it will be. The CPU is highly used though you only run few programs. The computer just got stuck suddenly while you watch video, play game or edit a blog. Besides, the browser stops workings frequently. Even worse, the system will crash down for no reason. That will waste your valuable working time and drive you crazy. Are you sick of the low computer performance and frequent system crash? If you want your computer to run fast like a brand new one again, contact OnlineFix.Tech professionals right now. They will help you tune up, speed up and optimize your computer for your satisfaction.

Computer Hookup, Diagnosis & Repair Service

OnlineFix.Tech professionals will check the overall health of your computer and resolve the detected issues and optimize your computer effectively. Is your computer now more and more sluggish? It can't start up normally? CPU usage percentage suddenly becomes very high? It takes a long time to boot up or just get stuck at windows loading circle loop, logo page even stuck at a blue screen of death? It keeps restarting again and again but no any further or just is stuck at auto repair? Windows updates or software updates can’t go ahead any further? System errors or registry errors occurs frequently? Windows defender can't update automatically? It cannot connect with the Internet even though Internet icon says it's connected? System is frozen time to time even though you just run few programs? Virus, malware, worm, spyware or ransomware hovers over system and can’t be eradicated? Don't worry, we specialize in the field of computer diagnose and fix, and our senior and experienced OnlineFix.Tech technical team will figure out a professional and effective solution to help diagnose what exactly the problem is and do a complete repairing for you.

Data Backup & Data Recovery Service

Is data backup necessary? And Yes. Data backup can protect against accidental loss of user data, database corruption, hardware failures, and even natural disasters. However, have no idea how to back up your data like photos, musics, videos, emails, document files or other files saved on your computer? Have no clue on recovering deleted files, photos, musics, videos, emails, documents and other lose data? Is data backup and recovery a very daunting and tough work to operate by yourself? If you are upset with backup and recovery, here our OnlineFix.Tech professionals will provide a serial of excellent service on data backup and data recovery. We offer professional equipment to help back up what data you prefer to save and also recover data you choose effectively. And meanwhile, you can watch over and learn all process of data backup and recovery. OnlineFix.Tech professionals will absolutely take care of everything for you!

Printer Setup & Troubleshootings Service

You may experience these printer problems: 1) You want to print a file but you don't know how to install a new printer driver. 2) You need to update the printer driver in your computer but you don't know how to do that. 3) You have no idea of how to install or configure your new local printer. 4) When you are using your printer, you always get some disgusting error messages. Get printer problems above and don't know how to fix? No worries, we have an expert team that can help you fix your problems quickly and effectively. They are going to help you to install printer drivers, update printer drivers, configure printer to work on a local or network and fix errors which relate to printer. All these can be done easily via the Internet by OnlineFix.Tech professionals.

Email Help & Microsoft Office Setup Service

Do you get stuck in some problems related to email and Microsoft Office setup? Nowadays, working with Email and Microsoft Office is a common thing. Problems with Email or Microsoft Office should be fixed immediately. You may want to set up email in Outlook but don't know how to do. When you finish the Microsoft Office upgrade, you may find that OneDrive stops syncing but you don't know how to resolve it. If you can't fix the problem you have, why not rapidly contact us to help you resolve your problem effectively? OnlineFix.Tech professionals are experienced and have helped many people fix their Email or Microsoft Office problems successfully and quickly.

Multiple Media/Video Converter Service

Do you face this kind of problem: download a new and interesting movie video online, but you can°Øt play and watch it on your computer or phone? Some downloaded music/video players on installed on your computer can't play all the media files in various format, right? What will you do if you can°Øt watch your favorite videos, nor listen the songs you loved. So, you will need to convert a media file format to the format you want. OnlineFix.Tech tech support deals with multiple media/video convert problems online. OnlineFix.Tech professionals are very professional. OnlineFix.Tech can help you convert every media file format, such as input formats: FLV (FLL)/MP4/AVI/ASF/MOV/RM/RMVB/M4V/VOB/3GP/QT/TP/MP3/WAV/M4A/AAC etc. (RM, and RMVB videos require installation of additional codecs.), output format: AVI(XviD, DivX, MotionJPEG, AVC)/MP4(MPEG-4, AVC)/WMV/FLV(H.263, H.264)/3GP/OGM/SWF/MP3/M4A/AAC and PCM and so on. OnlineFix.Tech can help you convert your media files to suit all the devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod, PSP, PS3, Android devices (Nexus, Xperia, HTC Magic, HTC Desire, Samsung, and Sony etc.), Walkman, and more. What are you waiting for? Come on! Just only one click on the button: Live Chat With Expert Now! Once connected, OnlineFix.Tech professionals will help you convert everything for you.

Mobile Device Virus Removal Service

Oops! Your mobile device was locked by the virus? You were browsing the Internet online and your phone got locked by government like FBI, AFP, ICSPA,, NSA, etc. You did nothing wrong? You clicked on an unknown pop-up or visited some unfamiliar sites or downloaded a porn video, and then your phone got locked? Mobile antivirus can't help you unlock your phone. What should you do? Don't know how to remove the virus from infected mobile device (android phone, android tablet, iPad, iPhone)? How to get rid of fake warning alert from the locked mobile device, such as FBI Moneypak scam virus, Police Ukash, Data Text US Police or Data://(null) Message. Anyway, you should not trust it. Please don't do any payment for the scam virus asking for a fine! OnlineFix.Tech professionals can help you locate mobile viruses, spyware and malware anywhere on your android phone (Samsung Galaxy, Motorola, HTC, etc.), android tablet (Samsung, HTC etc.) or Apple device (iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc.). Talk to OnlineFix.Tech professionals right now! 24/7 Online professionals will help you and guide you remove the virus and unlock your device step by step immediately.

PC Gaming Optimization Service

Are you a gamer? Do you like to play games to pass the boring time? We all think to play games need a good computer configuration and the fast Network speed. But oddly, the PC Gaming still running slowly and keep crashing while your computer configuration and network is enough to support your game. That's how annoying! What to do? How to fix this? Don't worry, OnlineFix.Tech professionals can help you to fix this problem. We can help you optimize and speed up your PC games fundamentally. After that, your gaming bottlenecks will be reduced. And we will help you gain a couple of frames per second depending on your resolution settings and your specific machine, your PC gaming will run faster and faster.

Windows PC Optimization Service

The speed of your computer is becoming more and more slowly? Once upon a time, your computer works well and fast, that means not your computer configuration and network problems lead to computer becomes slow. So why? Once you open and use your PC, a large number of System junk has accumulated slowly, they will occupy large space which will slow down the computer, this is one of the reasons. Besides, your registry may have been damaged and your computer may be infected with virus which damages your system. It is trouble to take a long time to start up the pc, open software, web search and so on. But you can't handle it, because you don't have enough knowledge of computers. At this time, you need professional help. Start a live chat with an OnlineFix.Tech expert and explain your issues in detail. We will connect and speed up your PC immediately. You will be able to enjoy the high speed operation, steady-state network and perfect browsing experience.

Mac/MacOS Optimization Service

OnlineFix.Tech professionals will resolve your Mac performance issues like clean junks & optimize disk performance and make it run normally. A slow Mac/MacOS is able to bring about innumerous annoying inconveniences for the users, and which will inevitably result in low efficiency and terrible experience of using the computer. To recovery the performance of the Mac/MacOS device, OnlineFix.Tech offers a highly efficient, fast and reliable optimization service to you with a reasonable charge. The service will be performed by a team of certified OnlineFix.Tech professionals of long term experience in the optimization of Mac/MacOS device manually rather than a antivirus robot to clean up the System Junks, Trash, Leftovers, Log Files, Manages Extensions and other files that slow down the system without introducing any other critical error that may break down the Mac/MacOS totally. Now the OnlineFix.Tech professionals are ready to serve you with great pleasure and you can contact us to improve your Mac/MacOS performance effectively.

Android Phone/Tablet Optimization Service

The Speed up Android Phone/Tablet Optimization Service is one of the most popular services favored by OnlineFix.Tech customers who meet with the problems caused by a slow android phone/tablet. Samsung, HTC, Motorola and Huawei etc. are brands of devices that fall into the category covered by this optimization service. Therefore, as long as your phone/tablet is equipped with the android system, you are absolutely one of the millions of the customers who can enjoy this excellent service. By signing up for this service, you will be free from the long period of waiting time to power on/off or restart your android phone/tablet; by signing up for this service, you will be able to operate any of your apps as fast as the device allows, such as watching videos, playing games and editing files; by signing up for this service, any issues involved with the slow problem will be efficiently handled and settled through cleaning up data and cache of the apps, uninstalling seldom used or useless apps on the system, disabling unnecessary widgets and so on by the well-trained OnlineFix.Tech expert team in a fast and reliable way.

Samsung Galaxy Phone/Tablet Optimization Service

Samsung Galaxy Phone/Tablet are popular among both young and old because of their advanced functions and good design. At the same time, people find that Android device is easier to get full and run slow. As we know, Samsung devices get slow quicker than Apple devices do with the same storage memory. You may install game software, download music and videos and save pictures on the device. It just works fast and smoothly. After a certain period of time, device will work slowly though you don't install new software or download stuff off the Internet lately. Phone/tablet got stuck frequently in the middle of game. It reacts slowly. You have to wait for more time after you tap one app to run. Besides, you fail to install new apps due to the full memory. Hence, many people changes phone/tablet soon to get better experience. However, we can tell you that there is no need to change device so frequently. If you think that your device runs too slow, contact OnlineFix.Tech professionals. We would be happy to walk you through to optimize and speed your Samsung Galaxy Phone/Tablet. Want your device to run fast like a brand new one? Chat with OnlineFix.Tech professionals now.

Fix Windows PC Errors Service

Do you get various errors while using Windows PC? Does your PC freeze for a long time and show you a serious of codes that you don't recognize? Do you have problems in fixing popup errors? Contact OnlineFix.Tech professionals and tell us your problem in detail. We will help you fix the problems thoroughly. When something wrong happen on your PC or your PC is infected with viruses, you will see errors during the startup. Of course, you also can see errors and alerts that stop you using some applications. For example, you may see errors '404 page not found.', 'The specified module could not be found.', 'Cannot find import', 'error 126', 'DLL may be missing' and other similar ones. After you see those errors, you will notice that it takes more time during the startup. Computer becomes sluggish. Sometimes, it even makes your applications quit automatically while you are working with them. You just can°Øt open some websites saying that page not found though your network is great. In this case, you need to note that there are serious problems on your computer. If you are not good at Windows skills, contact OnlineFix.Tech for help.

Fix Mac/MacOS Errors Service

It is very frustrating that Mac OS system errors include a blank or flickering dialog box, a frozen cursor or screen, an unexpected restart, or a Mac OS error message frequently happen but you can't figure out the effective fix solution to repair. And it is very upsetting when Mac or MacOS can't turn on properly, or gets stuck at white screen of death, or can't bypass Apple logo loading page or get stuck at system updates or software updating. iTunes or iCloud can't run properly? Office 365 isn't compatible with Mac well? Strange errors happen while download software? Time and the Machine can°Øt be working error suddenly happens? You worry if files, photos, images, audios, videos, emails, folders, documents application and archives will be lost while Mac errors occurs and blocks you to access system. OnlineFix.Tech professionals also specialize in the field of fixing errors occurring on Mac OS X system. Here we will make a careful and comprehensive troubleshooting for your Mac and Mac OS X, then provide you a professional fix to back up your important data and repair the errors immediately. OnlineFix.Tech professionals' highly skilled job will surely help optimize and speed up Mac system at the same time.

Mac/MacOS Virus, Spyware & Malware Removal Service

Doesn't it say Mac/MacOS is more secure and strongly immune to virus, malware and other infections? However, many specific viruses, malware and spyware are particularly created to target Mac or MacOS system. Your web browser like Safari, Chrome or Firefox is taken controlled by some kind of browser hijacker. Webpages keep getting random popup ads. Virus, spyware, worm or vicious program corrupt system, result in slow performance, cause white screen of death, trigger improper shutdown. Ransowmare or scam virus blocks the whole Mac system and asks you a ransom to unlock your machine. You want to clean out all viruses and malware but don't know how to start? Don't worry, our OnlineFix.Tech professionals specialize in virus, spyware and malware removal for many years. Our skilled and certified technician will help perform a deep troubleshooting to detect then clean any hidden virus file in system files and registry entries completely. It is a faster and safer way to clean out all the detected issues completely without losing and damaging system files and data. We all also optimize your Mac/MacOS as a bonus service.

Fix Android Phone/Tablet Error & Problem Service

Have some problems suddenly when you update Android? Your battery drains too fast and it is abnormal? Apps on your Android phone/tablet keep crashing or have some Errors? Google Play Store crashing or can't download Apps when the Internet is good and connected? Your Android phone/Table performs slowly and need to be optimized? Don't be panic. We are here to effectively help you fix all the problems mentioned above. Our OnlineFix.Tech professionals are with many years experience about fixing Android problem. If you have problems on your Android Phone/Tablet, Please do not hesitate to contact us for help! Our OnlineFix.Tech professionals are all ready to help you!

Clean up Windows PC Drive Space Service

Have you downloaded and installed many software on your computer? Have you deleted the compressed files after you successfully install the software? Do you have seldom-used software on your computer and have you ever thought of uninstalling them? Do you feel that your computer become slower and slower? Have you ever cleaned up your computer drive space? If you never did it before, it is time to cleaned up your computer drive space now! Computer drive should be cleaned up regularly because doing this could make your computer runs fast and smoothly. We are now here to help you clean up your drive space. We are going to help you uninstall the unnecessary software, delete the compressed files and delete the unnecessary files including system files. All of these are surely with your permission. To clean up your drive space without any risk, highly recommend you to contact OnlineFix.Tech professionals for help!

Clean up Mac Drive Space Service

Low disk space? You got a warning alert hint of 'Your startup disk is almost full! To make more space available on your startup disk, delete some files'. Since a Mac only has a limited amount of available disk space, when you get this message, it means your disks are filled up. Your mac runs slowly? Get stuck again and again? Are you getting mad with that low disk warning? How to get your mac running faster? You should empty the Trash Can, uninstall all the unwanted apps, and remove Cloud Storage Folders and so on. You should do every possible thing to make your Mac worked quickly. Don't know where do start? Contact OnlineFix.Tech professionals to help! We can do everything for you and make your Mac faster.

Windows PC Backup Service

Are you looking for solutions to back up the files on your Windows PC? No one would like loose his/her important files like documents, pictures and media files due to a computer accident happens suddenly. So, doing a back up for all your important files can do you a big favor of loss if you are facing theft, fire, and other local disasters. But, what would be the best way to back up your files for the general computer users. Are you getting a drive failure at the time you are backing up your data? Regular backup used to be the best way to save your files when your windows system crashed down. OnlineFix.Tech technicians are professional on windows PC back up services. We have helped most of all our customers saving their data successfully.

Mac/MacOS Backup Service

Are you worrying about how to backup files, photos, videos, and personal data on Mac/MacOS? But as a new user or old user, Mac system is not easy to skilled operation, it is different from Windows system. As we know, we can attach an external hard disk to your Mac/MacOS and turn it on. But the one of problem is that the Mac/MacOS files won't copy to external hard drive, because your drive is Windows NTFS formatted by default. Mac/MacOS system is not support this format, Mac/MacOS can't write NTFS out of the box (at least not without some tweaks). What a trouble problem! How do you fix the problems if you are not good at the required skills? Anyway, you are welcome to contact our professionals for help. Start a live chat with OnlineFix.Tech and explain your issues in detail. We will connect and help you backup the files from your Mac/Mac OS.

Mobile Devices Backup Service

Are there any data like photos, messages and videos are saved in your phone and some of them are extremely important for you? What a big trouble if you lost them. No one can guarantee all the data will not lose on your mobile phone suddenly, because your phone may be stolen, damaged or gets infected by some kind of malicious virus or malware, you will not be allowed to access your phone or tablet, and you are unable to turn it on or get it fixed. Thus it is so necessary for us to make a back up of our data which are stored in the phone or tablet to prevent from the unnecessary lose. Don't wait until it is too late to think about making a backup of you data in your Mobile device. But it is hard for you and you don't know how to backup? Welcome to contact OnlineFix.Tech professionals for help, we will walk you through to fix the problem step by step.

Mac/MacOS Gaming Optimization Service

Gaming on mobile phone/tablet is becoming more and more a way of entertainment and lifestyle for the modern people today. Since the establishment of the OnlineFix.Tech, the Mobile Phone/Tablet Gaming Optimization Service have attracted a great number of game players of the mobile phones/tablets. With this optimization service, your gaming experience and skills on mobile phones/tablets will be greatly improved as good as your system allows in the aspects of picture, audio, video and speed. Professional consultation on skills of idealizing the performance of gaming on a mobile phone/tablet is one of the most wonderful service items that have absorbed millions of eyeballs. By communicating with the professional, well-educated, patient and highly-experienced expert team of the OnlineFix.Tech, you will be able to make yourself master of perfecting the performance of gaming on any mobile phone/tablet in a short period time.

Mobile Phone/Tablet Gaming Optimization Service

Mac/MacOS devices are a special system different from the Microsoft Windows and any other OS in various aspects. The Mac/MacOS Gaming Optimization Service is a service plan provided to help the Mac/MacOS users optimize and improve the gaming performance of their Mac/MacOS devices. The efficiency and effectiveness of the service are guaranteed by a Mac/MacOS-oriented technician group that have gathered in-depth experience in the Mac/MacOS gaming optimization field by providing the services to innumerous customers and carrying out all kinds of research and test in their daily work. Therefore, it is sure that by staying with our Mac/MacOS Gaming Optimization Service you will be able to get the highest gaming performance out of your Mac/MacOS devices to adapt to your favorite games as good as the system is capable of.

Anti-Virus Program Uninstall/Unwanted Program Service

Can't uninstall Anti-virus program by yourself? How do you uninstall the antivirus program or unwanted program completely? Many users try the usually way to uninstall by clicking the link associated with the antivirus software currently installed on the system and follow the prompts or instructions on the website. For whatever reason, anti-virus programs are often difficult to completely remove from computers. Even the uninstallation is complete, things still there. No way to clean out all unwanted things? Well, OnlineFix.Tech professional can help you uninstall the anti-virus and unwanted program completely in one click.

VPN Setup Service/VPN Account Service

What is VPN and do you know how to setup it so that you can surf online freelly? VPN is a tool which helps you to unblock any sites, surf anonymously, hide your IP address and protect your privacy. If you are not sure how to use a VPN, we are your best choice. Our VPN Service is fast and easily accessible on your devices. With our VPN setup service, you can encrypt all your Internet activities and change your IP address as well as perfecting personal privacy. You can also learn more about our VPN Account Service or contact OnlineFix.Tech professionals to craft a solid VPN plan for you now!

Setup & Installation Service

OnlineFix.Tech tech support team provides setup & installation services for all mobile users and PC/MaC users worldwide. Our certified technician guide you through the process and can even help you install system software and application software on your system as you required. Our Setup & Installation service covers every sort of new software. We provide professional in-home computer setup and business services store. You can get an instant help from OnlineFix.Tech certified technicians anytime you need.

Networking Service

What is a networking service? A social networking service is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people. Social networking sites allow users to share ideas, activities, events, and interests within their individual networks. Setting up a computer network is a good way to get more out of your system and you can access the Internet with any computer on the network, as well as share files and devices across it. OnlineFix.Tech professionals can walk you through to setup network properly.

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