How to Choose A Good VPN Service to Best Satisfy Your Needs?

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These are typical service specifications which can be found in the advertisements of many VPN service providers. A service with such dazzling features is undoubtedly a luxury VPN solution that can satisfy the most complicated needs of any customer. It is believed that many users will rush to sign up for such a luxury VPN service at the first sight of it. But the issues are: Are you looking for a luxury VPN service with dazzling features or a suitable service that is just good enough to best satisfy your real needs in all aspects with the most cost-effective price? How much percent of your payment is wasted on the features that you don’t care? Is a luxury VPN service with dazzling features but low prices able to satisfy the needs as it seems to be? Yes, how to choose a suitable VPN solution that is just good enough to fully satisfy your needs with reasonable prices is what we are going to discuss in this article.

To find such a suitable service, the most important step is to determine your real needs. Your real needs will tell you: How many geolocations do you need to be included in the solution? What is the security level do you need the solution to achieve? Whether a PC or Mac or Android supported solution with monthly bandwidth of 15 GB or 100 GB or 10 TB is good enough to meet your demands? How many concurrent connections the solution provides can best satisfy your needs?

What Can the VPN Technology Do for You? Why Is It Useful and Helpful?

The Virtual Private Network, which is also called VPN in short, is a versatile technology that can be applied to various occasions to solve all kinds of problems. By applying this technology, you will be able to visit such popular websites as Netfix, Facebook, Twitter, Pandora, Youtube, Hulu and so on from China; relying on this technology, employees in the geographically separated offices of a company will be able to access the intranet of each office in a secure way; depending on this technology, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits and advantages of the VPN technology specified as below:

• Stay completely anonymous online to protect yourself against hackers, spammers, identity thieves, government surveillance, spyware and marketers
• Enjoy blazing high-speed, reliable and continuous point to point file-sharing with complete anonymity
• Circumvent port blocking and speed throttling management measures of the ISP
• Enjoy free or public Wi-Fi securely
• Enjoy geo-restricted resources such as movies and TV shows on the Netflix and Hulu


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What Is Your Real Needs?

Many VPN service providers promote their services stating that their service is supported by hundreds of exit nodes or servers located in dozens of countries or geolocations all over the world. By signing up for their VPN service, the subscribers or users will be able to access the internet to enjoy the desired resources from as many countries as they can. This is absolutely a dazzling feature and seems wonderful. But the issue is: Is it the real need for all customers on various occasions? Here is a good example that may help explain and illustrate it.

As a senior commercial representative of your company, if you are dispatched to India to attend an important meeting with your partners for a month, will you select a server located in China as your exit node to stream your favorite US movies or TV shows on the Netflix website? You can, but you won’t. Because it would be the most ridiculous decision you have ever made in your life since by now the Netflix has not become reachable from China yet. When the is typed into your web browser, the only thing you will be presented is a page with a message saying “Sorry, Netflix is not available in your country yet. Enter your email & we’ll let you know when Netflix is available.” Apart from servers located in China, those located in such countries as India and many other nations can be the poorest options for you to select as your exit nodes to stream your most favorite US movies or TV shows to your computer or other smart devices. In India, it was reported that only around 7% of its U.S. library and limited local content was initially offered by Netflix. For instance, House of Cards, which is a Netflix production was not found when it was searched from India. It is known to many people that Netflix content differs from country to county and the library that is accessible is not the same everywhere. So, in this case where the issue of visiting Netflix from India is discussed, a VPN service that can provide a fast server located in US should be good enough to best satisfy your need of streaming your favorite US movies or TV shows to your computer during your stay in such countries as India, China and many other countries where services of such providers as Netflix, Hulu and many other providers are not available. Other features like safety, anonymity, compatibility with the number of devices may be less concerned by a user who just want to stream the movies or TV shows on websites with geo-restricted content.

Luxury solutions with dazzling features to guarantee better safety, privacy, anonymity, compatibility and capability of reaching more geolocations will undoubtedly help satisfy your needs to the most degree. But it usually means more money to be paid. Think about that a service provider with hundreds or thousands of servers distributed tens of countries all over the world, how much money do they need to invest in the devices? How many persons do they have to employ to run and maintain those devices? It is reasonable that a luxury service deserves an expensive price. If a provider promises to offer a luxury service with really dazzling features but with unreasonably low prices, you are suggested to stay alert and keep asking yourself: Is a luxury VPN service with dazzling features but low prices able to satisfy the needs as it seems to be? With such a low price, how can they cover the cost to provide a such a service? Are there any setup fees or other hidden fees asked to pay later after signing up or during the use of the service?

To sum up, a luxury service with most attractive features can be best solution on some occasions; but a suitable service with the most needed features for your case is always the best solution that will help fully satisfy your demands.

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Select A Good VPN Service Provider.

It is agreed that even the most reliable solution will encounter unexpected problems. Without excellent service support, even the most advanced and sophisticated system will become nothing for a customer who knows little about the technology. A good VPN service provider with excellent service support is the guarantee of the excellent VPN service. Excellent service support means technology consultation, identity theft safety tips, free setup and trainings, 1-on-1 expert help, unlimited live support and so on.

Advice & Suggestions

A good service provider should be able to provide diversified solutions to meet different needs of various customers with reasonable prices. For customers who want to bypass censorship or geo-restrictions like the case discussed in this essay where Netflix geo-restriction is mentioned, a regular solution of about 48 GB bandwidth with a fee of about $16 USD should be considered as reasonable. For team & SME subscribers of about 10 persons, a $315 USD team solution of about 10 TB bandwidth can be regarded as appropriate. For users who play video games or trade online, a gold solution of about 580 GB bandwidth with a fee of about $110 USD is treated as best value.


How to choose a good VPN service to best satisfy your needs? A luxury service with various dazzling features can be a good option for your choice on some occasions. While a suitable service with appropriate features will always be able to satisfy your needs to the most with the most reasonable prices. To have a good knowledge of your needs or fully understand the occasions where you want to apply the VPN technology is the most important method that can help you find the service that is suitable for you case. Excellent service support is another important factor to guarantee the quality of the service. A provider that can offer such services as technology consultation, identity theft safety tips, free setup and trainings, 1-on-1 expert help, unlimited live support and so on should be included into the list of most preferred providers.

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