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NordVPN Coupon Code: Up to 77% OFF Discount & Promo Code 2018

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How to Visit Epoch Times in China?

Hello, I need your help. When I try to access the Epoch Times, this error message pops up.
This page can’t be displayed
•Make sure the web address http://www.theepochtimes.com is correct.
•Look for the page with your search engine.
Epoch Times is a place where I read news of interest every day. Everything was perfectly when I was in US. This problem took place several days ago when I arrive in China. What is the matter with it? My internet connection is working well. It is really upsetting. Please help me fix it. Thank you very much.

Get to Know More about the Epoch Times.

Epoch Times is a well-known newspaper with tons of readers all over the world. The newspaper was found by John Tang together with a group of Chinese-American Falun Gong followers in the year of 2000. With its head office located in the metropolitan city New York, Epoch Times is distributed in many countries and regions with its print editions published in English, Chinese and 9 other languages. As for online editions, users of 21 different languages can read it in their local languages. China has been one of its significant overseas markets since its establishment. Right now, the newspaper is favored by many readers there. For users in about thirty-five other countries beyond China, they can read the newspaper either free of charge or subscribe for it at low cost. The editions can also be categorized as weekly print edition and international regional ones. A typical copy of the newspaper is divided into several sections like world and national news, sports, business, travel, health and automobiles, op-eds, entertainment, arts and culture. Epoch Times covers general interest topics and tends to concentrate on news of human rights issues in China. Depending on the expatriates who stay in the West and a network of various sources it supports inside China, the newspaper manages to present all kinds of news about China to its readers. These two channels become its two main sources of news.

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How to Access the Internet Archive in China?

Have you seen this error the “this site can’t be reached, archive.org took too long to respond…” when try to access the Internet Archive. I have this problem on my google chrome. I have checked the internet connection. It is good. And i don’t think i have anything like proxy or firewall. Very confused. I have no idea what is happening. Can you please help me fix it? I am in China attending a seminar and need to use the Internet Archive. Thanks.

Get to Know More about the Internet Archive.

The Internet Archive is a nonprofit digital library founded by Brewster Kahle in May 1996. It is also called as Internet Wayback Machine Archive, which is an organization based in San Francisco with the stated slogan of “universal access to all knowledge.” The collection of content is categorized by music, movies, videos, websites, software applications, moving images, games, and public-domain books. Besides the function of archiving, the Archive is also regarded as an activist organization that hopes for a free and open Internet. There are mainly two sources of the website content. First of all, anyone is allowed to upload and download digital resources to it data cluster. However, this is only a small part of its more than 15 petabytes of collection. It collect the majority of the data in an auto way by using the web crawlers, which target uncountable public webs and preserve as much of them as possible. The Wayback Machine, which is the web archive of the Internet Archive, is believed stored more than 148 billion web captures. Just like what its slogan says, the public can access various knowledge via The Internet Archive. The resource on the website is so rich. In its text collection, you may find digitized books, special materials from all kinds of libraries and cultural heritage institutions all over the world. It is said that the Internet Archive is capable of digitizing about 1000 books a day with its thirty three scanning locations in 5 nations. The entire collection includes raw camera images, raw OCR data, PDFs, cropped and skewed images.

The Internet Archive is a nonprofit digital library that can benefit people all over the world. The public can rely on it to reach knowledge freely. So, the website should not be blocked in any place around the world. But when you travel from USA to China and try to visit The Internet Archive with your google chrome, you will receive something like this:
This site can’t be reached
archive.org took too long to respond.
Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall
Running Windows Network Diagnostics
What does this mean? Yes, you may guess it. The Internet Archive is blocked from being accessed in China with the GFW. When you are in China, no matter how hard you try to visit the archive.org, you will receive nothing but an error page mentioned above. So, how to access The Internet Archive in China?

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How to Use Flickr in China?

Flickr is a well-known photo and video hosting service that is famous in many countries all around the world. The service is accessed and used every day. But for users who visit China or stay in China, the service is not reachable from the nation because it has been blocked by the government with the GFW. Although the GFW is powerful and efficient, Flickr is still accessed by a lot of users in China each day. So, how to bypass the GFW and use Flickr in China?

Get to Know More about Flickr.

Flickr is undoubtedly one of the most popular photo and video hosting platforms on the earth. Ludicorp built Flickr in 2004 and Yahoo bought it on March 20,2005. The service has become more and more accepted by users worldwide since its establishment. The service is provided in many languages. Users who speak English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Italian, etc. can use the service easily since the platform is available in these languages. Flickr is like an online community where users can share images and videos with their families, friends and acquaintances. If you have blogs or are using other social media, you can embed your images to these media. It is not needed to register an account if you just want to view the images or watch videos on the website. But you are not allowed to edit any content without an account. Flickr has developed rapidly in the past several years. The service said in 2011, there were more than 6 billion images being hosted on its website and the number continued increasing steadily. Additionally, mobile users of devices with Android, IOS, PlayStation Vita systems can use the service either by accessing its optimized mobile website or downloading and installing the mobile applications.

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How to Find Cheap Airline Tickets with a VPN?

Hey, there? I am an oversea engineer of my company and travel a lot. Recently i heard from my partners that you can book cheap airfares by using a VPN? Is it true? How does it work? It will help me a lot if it is true. Thanks for any information.

How a VPN Works to Find Cheap Airline Tickets?

Many travel websites display their prices according to where is your visiting device located. Different IP addresses stand for different geo-locations. So, the travel websites usually identify your geo-location by checking your IP address. For instance, if you use a computer to visit travel service comparison website Kayak from USA, the prices on its website of US.com version will be presented to you; when you travel to UK and access the website from there, the website you visit will be its .co.uk version. Now and then, this way can help find air tickets with good discounts. At times, it helps little to find good bargains. But it makes much sense on the following occasions.

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How to Use Picasa in China?

Hey, there? It is exciting that i am planning to take a trip to the mysterious Chine which is classified as one of the four ancient civilizations. I am sure there must be something incredibale waiting for me. But i am told when in China, if i want to access some services or websites like Facebook, i need to apply certain network technology to do so. This inform me of photos or pictures i will take in China and the image manager i often use in USA Picasa. This is the only thing i am concerned about when i am in China. I am sure we will have great photos to manage during the trip with Picasa. Do we have to use the network technology to use Picasa as in USA? What is the technology? Is it difficult? Please help me with the issue. Greatly appreciated!

To Know More about Picasa.

Picasa is a image management service that is used by many users all over the world to manage their digital photos or pictures as a viewer, editor and manager. If you want to store and share with friends and famlily members beautiful photos or pictures taken during a trip, the image manage can be your most convenient choice by integrating with excellent photo-sharing feature. Mac OS X of Intel, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Linux, Mac OS X 10.4 or later are all the operating systems that can support Picsa. But for some of them, additional auxiliary programs such as a iphoto plugin may be needed for the application to run smoothly and successfully on the systems or to completely use its full feature.

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How to Unblock Popcorn Time ?

Are you there? I have a question about using Popcorn Time. I use this application to watch movies and tv shows all the time. But now i can’t use it any more in the hotel. I am in UK on a business trip. How can i solve the problem and use the Popcorn Time again?

More Information about Popcorn Time.

Popcorn Time can be classified as one of the best media players and torrent platforms in the industry. Popcorn Time is also known as the Netflix of the torrent world. Many people are running the application to watch tv shows and films on the Internet. The service allows users to gain access to various content for free online by using the P2P torrenting system. It means users can access the content which is not allowed to reach on the orignal server of the content provider because of some reasons, for example the user has not subscribed to be a customer of service provider or the subscription accout is inferior to access the content. A movie that is being watched with Popcorn Time can be shared through BitTorrent protocol with another user who may not reach it. The Popcorn Time can be run on various platforms like Windows.You may have the Popcorn Time application in different appearance because the service is reprogrammed by different organizations or individuals. You may have the application in forms like Flixtor, Movie Panda, Popcorn Time IO etc. Continue reading “How to Unblock Popcorn Time ?”

How to Use Telegram in China?

Hi,there? Hope you guys can help with the problem. It seems impossible for me to turn on the Telegram on any device. I check my wifi connection, computer, uninstall and reinstall the application,confirmed with the company the status of my Telegram account, everything is working well, but i just can’t use the Telegram. It is strange and annoying! I am in China having a business trip for about 2 months. I need to use the Telegram, please help me! Many thanks!

More Information about Telegram.

Telegram is a popular instant messaging platform. It is a free service with which you can handle messages, pictures,stickers,video, audio and many other types of files with your friends or families. It is needed to use different clients or different platforms.Android, iOS, Whindows Phone, Windows, Ubuntu Touch, Linux and MacOS all respectively have its specific clients. To allow secret chats is one of the most attractive features of the Telegram service. This is mainly what it is different from other services. MTProto is a client-to-client encryption protocol used to encrypted message sent within a secret chat. Messages through secret chats are not accessed on other devices except the ones you originally used to talk to each other. Furthermore, you are allowed to set up how your read messages are handled within the secret chat mode. You can make it stay all the time and delete them anytime you want, or you can make it self-destruction. Now, through years of continuous development, Telegram has become one the most famous instant messager in the world. It stands out from so many tough competitors by impressing the users with an image of being secure and reliable. While even though Telegram is used by millions of people all over the world, it is a sad fact that, in China–one of the most important economy in the world and attracts lots of visitors for business or leisure every year, the Telegram service is blocked by the government of mainland China with the well-known Great Firewall of China.

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How to Delete FBI Virus to Unlock Android Phones/Tablets 2017?

There is a FBI warning keeping popping up saying i visited some illegal porn sites and have to pay 500.oo dollars within three days. I can’t browse websites and use my phone normally because it never stops appearing. I googled about it on the internet and was told my phone is infected with the FBI Prism Virus and i should remove it quickly. But i have no idea how to get rid of it.

It is a Samsung Galaxy 7 i bought not long ago. I installed a video player and suddenly the FBI Prism Virus message popped up and lock the phone completely. I am accused of watching illegal porn video but i never did it. I learned online it can damage important data on the infected device. What shall i do to solve this problem?

I have a LG smart phone but it is blocked by ransomware now. It is something like FBI popup warning. I was visiting some websites, reading articles and downloading video clips. The FBI waring presented iteself without notice and concent. My phone is totally useless now. The warning message keeps popping up and says my phone is locked because of viewing illegal pornography and demand a $300 fine to fix the problem. Is it real FBI agency or just a scammer? Is the warning real? How can i delete the FBI Prism warning without paying money? Please help me! The phone is really important to me. I have a lot of personal data stored on it. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

More Information about the FBI Prism Virus Scam

The FBI Prism Virus is a disastrous ransomware programmed by hackers to compromise devices of various operating systems. It is also called NSA Internet Surveillance Program ransomware. Besides all types of computers, this Prism virus is capable of corrupting android phones or tablets of various brands like Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, Kindle fire etc. by developping into different kinds of variants. It can affect users all over the world including USA, UK, Austrilia, Newzealand and so on with its different variants. The ransomware is designed by cyber criminals with trcky features to spread itself to affect users worldwide, so you can get infected with it accidentally and unexpectedly. You may pick up this malware while you are reading articles, online shopping or accessing suspicious resources with your Samsung smart phones or LG devices. As soon as infected, the victims will be blocked completely from using the devices normally again. Making calls, sending and receiving messages, running various apps including antivirus tools, browsing the internet etc. will all be blocked. Continue reading “How to Delete FBI Virus to Unlock Android Phones/Tablets 2017?”